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Welcome to Know Your Prophet Centre

Sayyidna Ali (R) said:

"Whoever sees Prophet for the first time is awe struck, and whoever gets to know him, falls in love with him"

According to multiple Sahih Hadiths, prophet Muhammad (pbuh) equated his love in the hearts of Muslims to Iman (faith). In order to have real faith, you must love sayyidna Muhammad (PBUH); and in order to love him, you must get to know him! That is the reason why the sole purpose of Know Your Prophet Centre, is to shed the light on the greatest Human being to ever walk this earth!

Come, come whomever your are.

The door to Allah (GOD) is always open.

Our Vision

A world which loves and reveres the greatest role model for humanity. A world which follows the teachings of Sayyidna Muhammad (pbuh), and lives happily ever after!

Our Mission

To provide a place where people can come and learn about he messenger of mercy, and to help them apply his teachings in their lives.


Our Projects

To provide audio, video. text publications, and live classes about the life, character, teachings and reality of Sayyidna Muhammad (PBUH).

To help people apply the teachings of Sayyidna Muhammad (PBUH) in their lives, so they can become role models for others.

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