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The Naqshbandiyya Aliyya Sufi Way

There are 42 Sufi Tariqas (ways). The Naqshbandiyya Tariqa is one of the major Sufi paths leading the seeker to become a true servant of Allah, and to reach His eternal pleasure.   Naqshbandiyya means to “tie the Naqsh very well.” The Naqsh is the perfect engraving of Allah’s Name in the heart of the follower. Naqsh which means “engraving” and suggests engraving the name of Allah in the heart, and band which means “bond” and indicates the link between the individual and his Creator.

Naqshbandiyya is a major Tariqa (way) of Sunni Islam. The meaning of "Tariqa" is the Muslim spiritual path towards direct knowledge of God or Reality. In the 9th and 10th centuries, tariqa meant the spiritual path of individual Sufis (mystics). After the 12th century, as communities of followers gathered around Shaykhs (teachers), tariqa came to designate the Shaykh’s entire ritual system, which was followed by the community or mystic order. Eventually tariqa came to mean the order itself.

What distinguishes the Naqshbandi school from other Sufi orders is the fact that it takes its foundations and principles from the teachings and example of the six bright stars in the firmament of the Prophet (s). These great figures were: Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, Salman al-Farisi, Ja'far as-Sadiq, Bayazid Tayfur al- Bistami, 'Abdul Khaliq al-Ghujdawani, and Muhammad Baha’uddin Uwaysi al- Bukhari, known as Shah Naqshband–the eponymous Imam of the tariqa.

The Naqshbandiyya Aliyya Sufi Order traces back a lineage of Sufi masters - this lineage is referred to as The Naqshbandi Golden Chain.

Practices and Principles of the Naqshbandiyya Tariqah

Principles and Masters of the Way

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Daily and Weekly Awrad of the Seeker
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Awrad to Be Recited with the 5 Obligatory Prayers

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