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Shaykh Ali Elsayed | Every Friday | 7.00PM EST

3392 Mavis Rd, Mississauga, ON, L5C 1T8, Canada

Join us for a weekly spiritual renewal with Shaykh Ali Elsayed during our weekly Dhikr at the Know Your Prophet Centre. Shaykh Ali leads us in the uplifting practice of Dhikr – the remembrance of Allah. This immersive and soul-soothing experience is designed to bring tranquility and a sense of inner peace to your week. This is a welcoming space for all to join in communal remembrance and to recharge your spiritual energy, cultivate mindfulness, and bask in the serenity of this sacred practice. 

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Annual Retreats

Skaykh Ali Elsayed leads an annual retreat to Turkey every year for North American murids of Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil ar Rabbani to visit Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil at his center in Turkey or Cyrprus. 

In addition to visiting and being in the presence of Maulana Shaykh Muhammad time is also spent visiting other locations of spiritual and historic significance. 

Dates of the Turkey 2024 Retreat and additional details will be posted shortly. 

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Annual Retreats

Knowledge & Learning


Since religious knowledge is a prophetic heritage, we at the Know Your Prophet Centre place great importance on the knowledge that is conveyed is taken from authentic, legitimate and authoritative sources. We therefore strive to always present the traditional Islamic views which are narrated by widely recognized Imams and scholars within the Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jamâ'ah (traditional Sunni Islam). The importance of a mature interpretive tradition becomes especially evident when it is compared in our time to extremism of various kinds.


The dissemination of knowledge takes place through modern means and tools, but through a traditional method where manners (adab) and behavior (akhlâq) permeate learning.

God says in the Qur'an: "Only in the remembrance of God does the heart find peace."

In an increasingly materialistic society, where appearance and possessions are highly valued, the need for spirituality is extremely high. We believe that many of the struggles faced by individuals and society today are due to a departure from a true connection and relationship with the divine. 


The Naqshabandi Tariqa is a spiritual path, when practiced allows one to develop their spiritual senses. Through community and connection Know Your Prophet Centre aims to make this path accessible through Dhikrullah gatherings, accessible daily practices, community gatherings, teachings, and retreats. 

Knowledge & Learning

Social Responsibility & Community Service

Know your Prophet Centre sees it as a matter of course to include social work and social responsibility in its activities. We want to contribute to a positive social development while also supporting the individual in matters concerning the private sphere. 


We want to help people feel that they are part of society and do so by creating platforms and bridges towards society at large. We want to give our members the knowledge to navigate the community while giving the individual support and advice on social issues.


Shaykh Ali Elsayed is available for individual consultation on private matters on Thursdays. Consultations can be conducted in person or via video conference.


You can also submit questions to be answered in writing:

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